Talk to your landlord about installing a fireplace insert

Why? Unless you have a modern fireplace insert, your traditional wood fire is actually sucking warm air out of the room and pushing it up the chimney. Installing an insert will prevent heated air from escaping and still provide warmth and ambiance with an efficient, controlled fire.

Benefits to your landlord:

Installing a fireplace insert has a variety of benefits for your landlord:

  • Make the rental a more efficient and cost-effective place to live for current and future tenants.

  • A fireplace with a modern insert can serve as an attractive selling point.

Step by step:

  1. Ask your landlord to have a professional inspect the fireplace and chimney to ensure a fireplace insert is a good fit for your home.

  2. A few things to consider in choosing an insert:

    • Choose a "double-wall" unit rather than a "single-wall" unit—double-wall units tend to be safer and more efficient.

    • Look for an EPA certification label, which indicates your insert meets EPA standards for how much particulate matter the fireplace will release into your home.

  3. Ask your landlord to have a professional install the fireplace insert.

Actions you can take now:

Landlord not ready to upgrade your fireplace insert? Try these quick actions to start using your fireplace more efficiently:

  • Use the fireplace sparingly. Fireplaces often lose more heat than they provide.

  • Turn down your thermostat. Reduce heat waste by lowering your temperature setting while you are using your fireplace.

  • Close the damper. To prevent air leakage, make sure the damper is closed if it is not in use.

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